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Baluns Beads Chokes Coils Filters Toroids Transformers

Baluns for Common Mode Impedance and Common Mode Noise Suppression
90Ω ~ 500Ω & 500(mA) Max.


Common Mode Single Layer Winding Filter with Minimal Capacitance which meets UL 94V-0 Standard
L1=L2 0.47uH ~ 400uH & 1.5(A) ~ 2.5(A)

EMI Filters For Today’s Densely Packed Single and Double Sided PCB Designs
20Ω ~ 100Ω & 5.0(A) Max.

EMI Suppression Wide Band Chokes with Tin Wire and can Handle Currents to 3 Amps
230Ω ~ 600Ω & 3.0(A) Max.


Low Profile Planar Transformer with a Power Rating to 250W and an Application Frequency to 900KHz
Primary = 60uH ~ 240uh & 250 (W) Max.

Miniature Wire-Wound Chip Choke Coils on a Ferrite Core Realizes a High Q @ Hi-Frequencies & Low DCR
0.10uH ~ 10,000uh & 0.03(A) ~ 6.0(A)

Super Flux Core Materials with Flat Wire and ER Core with a Frequency Range to 2MHz
0.10uH ~ 2.7uh & 9.0(A) ~ 40(DCA)

SURFACE MOUNT SPRING With a High Q and Wide Frequency Range
2.50nH ~ 538nh & 1.50(A) ~SURFACE MOUNT SPRING 4.00(A)

Toroidal Power Chokes with a Low EMI Radiation Low DCR, High Frequency & High Saturation
Par/Ser. 0.26uH ~ 790uh & 0.32 ~ 7.0(DCA)

Toroidal Power Chokes with Closed Magnetic Path Eliminate Electromagnetic Emissions
1.80uH ~ 4700uh & 0.31(A) ~ 8.0(A)

Wire-Wound Common Mode Filter with a High Impedance at High Frequency
200Ω ~ 2200Ω & 200 ~ 400(mA) Max.Wire-Wound Common Mode Filter

Wire-Wound Common Mode Filter with a High Impedance at High Frequency
67Ω ~ 180Ω & 250 ~ 330(mA) Max.

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