3L Global

Electronics Inc.

All of 3L’s catalog and custom products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship and are warranted to meet the 3L published specifications. No other warranties are made by 3L, either expressed or implied and all custom parts produced to 3L's customer's specifications are guaranteed only to the extent agreed upon in writing between 3L and its customers.

3L will either replace or repair defective parts under the following conditions:

  • 1. The customer must notify 3L in writing within sixty days of receipt of the defective parts and request a Return Material Authorization.
  • 2. A description of the defect and a sample of the defective part or parts ust be sent to 3L prior to 3L issuing the Return Material Authorization.
  • 3. Upon receipt of the defective samples, 3L will determine, to its satisfaction, that the defect was due to 3L's material or workmanship and not due to improper handling, use or application during the customer's processes. In no case shall 3L's liability exceed the cost of replacement or repair of its products and this warranty does not extend to materials which have been altered or repaired by any other source without 3L's written authorization.

Under no circumstances shall 3L have any liability for the loss of anticipated profits, interruption of operations or incidental, consequential or any other type of special damages due to defective parts.